The Penguin Club – For Early Learners On The Ice

The penguin club is for pre preschoolers which has it’s own learn to skate programme, called the ice penguins ice penguins is a continues learning programme taught through play, the use of colors, shapes, and visualization are the tools that make up the lesson plan.


The Lessons
Are audio driven with the different penguins characters voices
Parents and toddlers follow the basic instructions alongside with the penguin club leader, the familiar nursery songs create a fun loving environment that will make for an enjoyable experience for all.

The penguin club programme consists of 5 levels, each level is made up of small competencies, which that are the building blocks of skating skills with practice. The preschool skater will become familiar with the lesson format and intern will be able to achieve their individual learning outcome, to encourage progression the ice penguin.

Pre schooler is rewarded with a range of penguin club badges and certificates to celebrate their success!

The Ice Penguin Lesson Plan

  1. Skates On
  2. The Penguin Warm Up Off The Ice
  3. Working On Ice Penguin Syllabus
  4. Good Practices

All skills learned in the lessons, form the foundation to all our learn to programmes.

Penguin Club Grading

Level 1 PERCEY Getting to know your penguin off the ice
Walk towards penguin with skates
Hold on to ears
Hold on and Stamp down R Hold on and Stamp down L
Hold on and alternate Stamp down R/L
Hold penguin and jump
Hide behind him
The penguin blue vee position
The penguin red triangle position
The penguin yellow neutral position
The penguin orange outside edge
The penguin green inside edge
The penguin purple turning point
Level 2 POPPY Taking your penguin onto the ice
Hold penguin and stand at the edge of the ice Push him forward then back
Turn penguin R Turn penguin L
Spin the penguin around clockwise and anti clockwise R/L
Stand on the ice in the penguin vee position
Fall over and hold penguin to stand up
Hold on and Stamp down R x4 Hold on and Stamp down L x4
Hold on and Stamp down alternately R /L
Level 3 PAMMY Pushing and stopping your penguin
Push penguin and slow walk in penguin vee position
Push penguin and stamp loudly in penguin vee position
March around the penguin clockwise and anti clockwise R/L
Hide behind the penguin
Push the penguin and Jump
Penguin glide with Yellow lines straight with help from the penguin leader
Penguin yellow glide and slow stop red triangle with help from the penguin leader
Level 4 PERRY Using our arms and pushing penguin away
Wave red hand and then Wave blue hand
Aeroplane R Aeroplane L
Sleep walking R Sleep walking L
Sleep walking
Wings L wings R
Wings L and looking at blue hand
Wings R and looking at red hand
Level 5 PIXIE Doing the penguin skate
The penguin March glide slow stop
The backward triangle march
The penguin star
The orange line tilt
Turning corners with penguin
Stamp down and glide R/L
Push penguin away and skate on your own!