Frequently asked Questions and Answers

The skater will have to apply for to NISA for Skate UK Star to continue their skating pathway NISA Bronze Silver and Gold.

To register on Skate Excellence website which will enable you to track your progress. www.skateexcellence.com

The certificates provide recognition of your continuous learning and achievement on the course. You will receive one certificate per course; if you have passed more than one grade during the course you may purchase the additional certificates from reception or online at any time. You will be presented with the highest competency you have passed at the end of your 6 week block of lessons. If you’re not re-enrolling or unable to collect please let us know so we can arrange to post your certificate out to you.

It is not compulsory to achieve a tick on a skater’s assessment sheet, some weeks skaters will receive none and other times they may receive more than 1 in a given week. If they do not receive a competency level the skater may need more time to practice and build up strength.

In a block of 6 lessons a skater will receive recognition for what they have achieved. Please note that progression is individual, and some grades may take longer to complete. Skater’s skills may vary and it is important that a skater develops at their own pace as each competency is a building block in the skaters’ long term development. If the skater has not built a good foundation and progresses too quickly they will find the higher levels very challenging.

Skate Excellence format enables a coach to group different grades together depending on the skating ability. This is achievable as we are practicing the same skills in different directions i.e. forward, backwards and in a circle. As an example in Grade 2 – Star in is taught in a straight line and in Grade 3 the Star is broken down further as a ½ Star in a circle, the coach may recap on grade 2 to achieve grade 3. Skaters will always go through repetition of skill and setting up and preparing for the next level. We are recapping, layering and planting new skills which will allow for a skaters skill base to grow.

Skate Excellence lessons are flexible, the skater may need to move up or down depending on their needs. Sometimes they need to recap on what has already be done in order to get stronger and sometimes they may need to move up a Grade to introduce or prepare them for a new skill. The coach will always work to the next grade as well as the current one. This will ensure that when assessment day arrives the new skater has a better chance of achieving the required grade. For example, although the competences in grade 2 are going forward the skater should also be practicing the same skill backwards and in a circle when possible. These progressions will be at the coach’s discretion as groups may vary.

The maximum number of students to one coach is 12 although this is not always the case and some groups may be smaller.

All Skate Excellence Learn 2 Skate initiatives works in conjunction with patented coloured coordinated boot covers and the different coloured gloves. The boot covers help the skater to understand the terminology of skating and helps with learning the foot and hip positions required for skating.

It is the responsibility of the customer to bring the bootcovers and gloves to every lesson. If lost or damaged the customer can purchase a new pair from reception.

Penguins are an excellent training aid and acts as support so the pupil doesn’t feel left out of the lesson. It helps build up strength and confidence. The young skater should not be under pressure to give up the penguin until they are ready and feel confident.

Each grade has a set of skills to complete. The skills within each grade are broken down into small segments called a competences. Competencies are the building blocks that enable the skater to achieve the correct technique within the skill. These competencies allow the skater to see that progression is not too much of a challenge and that the learning outcome is achievable.